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Top 5 Most strangest places in world to travel

Our world is full of surprises or mysterious or amazing places , and we get astounded by them as the years go by . These top 5 pictures will help you to understand the baffling beauty and sublime grace of such strangest places on Earth . Although science can explain almost everything whatever happens on this planet , but this doesn’t mean that there will not be a little mystery as well . There was no explanation of such places because these places are so much permeated by the intrigue , which makes it much difficult .

There are many weirdest places on Earth , but after the whole research of a day and some investigation , we have finally succeeded in finding the top 5 places which are the most weirdest or strangest amongst the all weirdest places , specially for you . I bet you can’t keep calm when you see these places , and I know you really want to explore these places , so here’s one more surprise for you , you can now book your low fare flights to these places from here –

Here are the top 5 most strangest or weirdest places in world you won’t believe , so let’s take a look at these wonderful places –

1. Socotra – Yemen

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Socotra is a part of yemen and a small island  in the arabian sea . What makes it unique is that it looks like you’re on another planet .  It’s one of the most isolated places on earth which have no roads that lead you there . This island contains almost 700 species of flora and fauna that are found now here else on earth.

 2. Fly Geyser – Nevada

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 This place is perched on the edge of the black rock desert and the Fly Geyser is actually man made . It was created 100 years ago and now became the nevada’s best coolest attraction . Before it became the alien looking geyser we see today, it was simply a man made well in the 1900’s . Heated water had started to spew through the cracks . The minerals started depositing  forming the mount and the various terraces . There are some breathtaking red and green streakes in the fly geyser because of the presence of thermophilic algae .

3. Hoia Forest – Romania

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This place is located in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania and it is considered to be the most haunted forest in the world . It has been referred to as the Bermuda triangle of Romania because of the many bizarre disappearances that have happened . Many people who have visited the forest have reported unexplainable events such as faces appearing in photographs , feeling of being watched and UFO sightings , etc . People who have entered the haunted forest feel very ill headed and/or get strange rashes . There have been heard so many voices such as breaking the silence and hearing female voices giggling . Many people believe that it’s a door to another world .

4. Badab-e Surt – Iran

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Badab-e Surt is situated in iran and it is a natural site consisting of travertine terrace that have formed over thousands of years . It is one of the  rarest and the world’s most beautiful wonder’s . 

The orange colors of the travertine formations is because of the  large concentration of iron oxide . The two mineral hot springs that are located  in badab-e Surt have many medicinal properties due to its salt content.

5. Kabayan Mummy Caves – Philippines

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 The Kabayan Mummy Burial Caves are the manmade caves which are full of preserved mummies, isolated from most of the world. These mummies are some of the best preserved in the world . This place is so amazing and wonderful specially for  the archaelogists and the new discoverers  , that  their visits are increasing day by day very fastly .

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