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Top 5 Most Coldest Places In World To Travel

Our world is full of amazing and enormous  places , there are many places in world where the climates are more intense or extreme than others  , which also makes it difficult for the human habitation . There are many coldest places which are located in the northern latitudes while  on the other hand , some are those which are located in southern latitudes , with the recording of very lowest temperatures . However if we talk about the most coldest place in world  than it is the russian research station in vostok , antarctica , where the very lowest coldest temperature was recorded on july 21  , 1983 was -123.6 degrees F . Really its the most coldest temperature ever recorded on earth . While none of another 4 places gets cold like this ,but there are some which are frighteningly very close to it .

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These are the places where the recorded temperatures are very low , so lets take a look at this top 5 most coldest places in the world –

1. Vostok – Antarctica

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Vostok in antarctica is at the southern pole of cold and regarded as the word’s coldest place .It is an Russian Antarctic station where the coldest month comes in August and where the lowest and most coldest temerature ever measured was -128.6 °F and reliably measured natural temeratures on this place was -89.2 °C.

2. Rogers Pass – Montana , U.S.A

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Rogers pass is a very coldest place in united States outside of Alaska , it is located at the height of 5,610 feet above the sea level on the confidential divide in the US state of Montana . It is regarded as the location of coldest temerature ever recorded because on January 20 , 1954 , a low temperature of -70 °F (-57 ° F ) was recorded during a severe cold wave .

3. Prospect Creek – Alaska , U.S.A

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Prospect Creek  in united States of America, alasca was a very small town , approximately 180 miles north of Fairbanks and 25 miles southeast of bettles , Alaska . In prospect Creek , the winters last for a longer period of time and summers are very short which means that this place has a sub-arctic sort of weather . This place is less crowded now because the weather conditions get more severe now . Here the lowest temperature ever recorded was -80 °F (-62 °C ) .

4. Snag – Yukon , Canada

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Snag is a village which is one of the very coldest place and it is located on a small, dry-weather sideroad off the Alaska highway 25 km south of Beaver Creek , Yukon , Canada . The weather is very freezing , it’s a better place for some chill out . Here the coldest month is January and the Lowest temperature measured here is – 81.4 °F .

5. Oymyakon – Russia

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Oymyakon is located in the northern pole of cold , the other being the Verkhoyansk and the ground is permanently frozen , not only this , here the climate is extremely subarctic .The lowest temperature of this place was recorded in 1924 by a Russian scientist Sergey Obrychev at Omyakon’s weather station was -72.2 °C .(-96.2 °F ) . Really​ this is the very lowest temperature ever recorded for any permanently inhabited location on Earth .


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