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14 Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries In World You Won’t Believe

This world is full of mysteries .From heiroglyphs indecipherable even today some stories are found dead in unexplainable positions, We count 14 biggest terrifying unsolved mysteries in world that are seriously strange and creepy .

Lets take a look,here are the 14 facinating and perplexing unsolved mysteries around the world ,which i m fully  sured that  you won’t believe –

1.Zodiac Killer

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This was one of the creepiest story from San francisco . As we know that san francisco was a very well developed place now ,but you don’t know that once it was a dark place in 1968 and 1969 due to a serial killer who called himself zodiac.He attacked a total of seven people over the course of his killing career and practically begged to be caught .This Serial killer loved the attention, sending in letters to different press companies demanding they be published on the front page.These letters had encrypted messages,but even when cracked,did little to help investigators to track down the murderer.Baring some sort of deathbed confession ,we’ll never identify the man who called himself as zodiac.

2.Taos Hum

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Its all about the story of a town called taos hum,also known as the new mexico.Beginning in 90’s ,residents of the town taos, new mexico reported hearing a steady humming noise. The most mysterios thing is except not everyone hears it and no one know’s where its coming from .In addition,residents hear different versions of noise some hear a hum,others hear more of a buzzling ,and while an experimental investigation was set ,scientists were unable to detect any unusual sounds leaving the town to wonder what just taking place in their small and “quiet” town.

3.Overtown Bridge

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The scotland bridge is now famous for its “canine suicides”,having 50 dogs jump to their death in the last 50 years.The strange thing about this bridge ,is all the dogs jumped off from the right side of the bridge, in exactly the same spot.Its knoiwn dogs have sharper senses than their human counterparts,and many peoplke maintain the dogs are seeing something the owners are unable to. Rumours have ran rampant that the bridge is haunted,but what kind of ghosts get pleasure from being seen falling to their death? This was one of the biggest mystery being unsolved.

4.Pollock Twins

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This tragedy was of the pollock family apart in 1957 when the pollock girls , aged 11 and 6,were struck by a vehicle andkilled upon impact.Less than a year ,mrs. pollock learned she was pregnant and delivered twin girls .The frikish thing was that the twins have resemblances to their deceased siblings,not just in hair and eye colour,but in scars and birthmarks . After the age of 5, the twins stopped having such “memories” yet the parents still strongly believe their twins are reincarnations of their two deceased daughters .

5.Bermuda Triangle

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The bermuda triangle was also called as the “devils triangle”.Bermuda triangle was formed by joining the ends of florida ,peurto rico and bermuda .The most creepiest, mysterious thing was every airplane or ships when passes through this triangle gets disappeared .Believe what you will,but the united states navy has denied the existence of such triangle,therefore…seems likely its here .

6.Jack The Ripper

A Jack the Ripper scene from the Black Museum New Scotland Yard 1988 300x200 - 14 Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries In World You Won't Believe

Another mysterious story of  murderer known as jack the riper.From immigrants to local doctors ,many people claim to have identified “jack” ,yet DNA scientists are unable to agree upon one man .With improperly collected evidence ,contamination and a span of decades since the crimes ,it seems far fetched that we will ever know with certainity who was responsible for the murders.

7.Frederick Valentich

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It happen in 1978,while flying on a training mission over australia ,twenty year old pilot fredrich valentich began a conversation with melbourne flight service,describing an encounter having with another aircraft.After a few minutes pass where valentich talks of engine problems,four green lights and impossible speeds ,he radios the flight service saying the object flying above him is not an aircraft.Twelve minutes flying south from here precisely 19:12:28 hrs radio transmission was cut off and in his last radio contact he explained”that strange aircraft was hovering top of me again and it is not an aircraft…..”

After an intensive land and sea research ,no trace was ever found of the VH-DSJ or of FREDERICH VALENTICH. And so to this day ,his disappearence remains a mystery .

8.Shughborogh Inscription

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This inscription was carved on Shepherd’s monument in england.Some people believe that the secret to the holy grails location rests with the inscription,thus the difficulty in the code.While some believe it is intended as a memorial and the carving is pretty insignificant.What is the shugborogh inscription hiding ?This mystery was not solved by even the greatest code blockers.

9.Loch Ness

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Another mysterious story of scotland ,a sea monster ,known as loch ness. Scotland’s sea monster has a special place in our heart with the “latest” recorded sights being back in 2011.It is quite possible that nessie is some form of a creature we have yet to discover,as our technology is still limited when it comes to underwater research ,but finding exactly what people think seems to be far fetched.

10.The Black Dahlia

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Black dahliya is a case ongoing since 1960’s and continues to drive investigators insane.The lack of physical evidence,eye witnesses and technology have all compounded leaving no trace of the killer.The horrible way in which she died ;being striped naked ,body drained of blood ,cut in half and posed in a vecant lot ,leads are still being investigated.


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“Easter island ” is very strange enough on its own due to the imdecipherable rongorongo script found on the different wooden artifacts and the place becomes mind boggling .Some people thought that it is an early form of language used by indigeneous people ,yet only a select few were actually taught the language.Many Numurous attempts have been made to crack this coded communication ,but so far none have prevailed .


Kryptos 2 300x241 - 14 Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries In World You Won't Believe

Krytos are the coded messages on the Jim Sanborn’s sculpture .The work of art contains four messages ,three of which has been solved while the fourth sits on the Central Intelligence Agency’s front entrance in virginia being unsolved.He must be getting fed up with  the “best of the best” because he is also given two clues in regards to the fourth message hoping someone is able to figure out is ingenious code.

13.Mary Celeste

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The Mary Celeste was an american merchant ship that was found adrift in 1872.The ship has no significant damage ,was more than capable of being sailed ,and had adequate supplies.The entire crew which consisted of seven men ,his wife and their two year old daughter were all missing including the ship’s lifeboat.Some suspected pirate’s blamed giant squid for thye family’s disappearence. Unfortunately we will never know what they saw that made them flee .This was one of the greatest and biggest unsolved mysteries.

14.SS Ourang Medan

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The SS Ourang Medan was one of the most controversial ,particularly because there is no paper trail that proves the ship ever existed .According to the story in 1947 numerous vessels picked up a distress signal that they pinpointed back to this dutch ship ;the last morse code transmission stated that the entire crew was dead followed by the words “i die” and then nothing more.Men were dead at their posts ,the captain in the wheelhouse,all with the same twisted ,scared expression on their face .After all this when attempting to toe the ship to shore,it caught fire and quickly exploded ,leaving nothing but the stories of the men who had witnessed .If some say it had never existed in the first place and then how would such gruesome untrue event survive throughout the ages ?This was also one of the unsolved mysteries.












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